Gillian Emslie


International facilitator, trainer, coach and consultant

Gill works internationally as a Processwork facilitator, trainer, coach and consultant. Using this  interdisciplinary, systemic and process-oriented approach Gill facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogue, leadership and change across a broad spectrum of sectors, with individuals, organisations, networks and communities. She has also worked extensively in the fields of curriculum development, design of long term training programmes specifically focused on diversity issues, leadership, inclusion and community building.

Gill is the founder and director of studies of the Processwork and Deep Democracy Institute,, co- founder and director of the Findhorn Consultancy Service.

As an educator, Gill has taught at under-graduate and post-graduate levels in Europe, SE Asia and Latin America. She specialises in running in-depth training programmes in leadership, diversity and conflict facilitation, and community building.  She also collaborates with international and local NGO networks, facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogues across various sectors.

Her specialist interest lies in the human experience as it relates to social change processes, diversity and inclusion.  This extends to working with the dynamics of rank and power and the connection with individual body experiences. Her desire is to support and draw out the inherent potential within each individual, relationship, organisation and community. 

Gill trained at the Process Work Institute, Oregon, USA and in RSPOPUK, London, and completed a Ph.D. in Natural Design at Dundee University, Scotland. She is also qualified UKCP psychotherapist, supervisor and training supervisor.

Gill lives in Scotland and Spain. In Findhorn, Scotland, she is a founding member of a small low-carbon ecological co-housing project. She is a senior faculty member of the Findhorn Foundation Eco-Village where she has designed and delivered sustainable development, group facilitation  and leadership training programmes for international delegates and guests. The Findhorn Foundation is an NGO and CIFAL training centre endorsed by the United Nations, on issues of global concern related to sustainability, environment, peace and shelter.

Wherever Gill finds herself working internationally she actively seeks out wilderness places.