Kosha Joubert

MSc Organisational Development

International facilitator, trainer and consultant

Kosha Anja Joubert (MSc Organisational Development) is an international facilitator, trainer and consultant. She has worked extensively in the fields of curriculum development, building of training teams, international collaboration and sustainable development.

She has lived in South Africa, The Netherlands, Germany and the UK and brings a deep understanding of cultural diversity to her work. Specifically within a Middle Eastern context she has led symposia in Egypt, Palestine/Israel and worked extensively with women from North Africa and the Middle East on leadership and community building issues.

Kosha currently serves as President of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN-International). GEN was set up in 1995 to support organisations and societies to transition into resilience. GEN has consultative status in the UN – ECOSOC.

Kosha holds the position of Managing Director of GEN-Europe, the European branch of GEN-International. In this role she has been the driving force behind the emergence of GEN-Africa as an independent region within GEN, and is currently working with organisations in the Middle East on the emergence of GEN-Middle East. Through this, Kosha has gained extensive experience in working with participants from the Middle East and Africa in Leadership and Sustainable Venture Trainings, financed and funded through the German Foreign Ministry and the Anne Lindh Foundation. She is currently partnering with CultNat in Egypt on an Islamic Heritage Project.

Kosha is a co-founder of Gaia Education and sits on the Certification Board of Gaia Education. She is co-author of the internationally applicable Gaia Education curriculum, the development of which was endorsed by UNITAR and recognised as an official contribution to the UN ‘Decade for the Education for Sustainable Development 2004-2014’. The Ecovillage Design Education has been run in 35 countries since 2006. Kosha has been instrumental in building the requisite training teams.

Kosha has worked as an organisational consultant since 2006, specialising on leadership development and gender issues. She has regularly organised and facilitated conferences, especially in multi-cultural settings in Europe and Africa (Egypt, Senegal, South Africa, DRCongo), also since 2006. She has worked as a sustainability trainer and educator from 1996 onwards, specialising on courses on communication skills, leadership, facilitation, decision-making, conflict-facilitation, collective intelligence, holistic sustainability and resilience. She has led 4-week courses in international settings in Germany, Italy, India, Senegal and South Africa.