What They Say:

…anywhere else where the team spirit has been so strong … This, I think, is largely down to the wonderful job you did in the first two weeks of the Academy.” Katie Thorpe, Human Resources Manager, Earth Centre

…went very well and in subsequent work with the [sub-sea] group they seem to have come together well and generally work more effectively as a team.”
Tony Stott, Trainer and Consultant, commenting on work for BP Aberdeen

…powerful experience … people were bowled over. We did all feel very uncomfortable at the beginning of the workshop, with the dance and the games, but what had happened by the end was that people had made a huge shift – there had been a real reframing of relationships. The whole thing about a business like this is the emotional maturity and the psycho-spiritual maturity of the people who we put in front of clients – and that really does make a difference to the bottom line.”
Tim Casserley, Regional Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers

…for the way I would like to work. Deeply human in all senses. Showing what the ‘Findhorn experience’ has to offer to the business/consultancy world.” Jan, participant ‘Art of Leadership’ training

…The Findhorn Consultancy were like midwives, helping our community group birth a new way of being, a new way of connecting and communicating, a new way of embracing spirit.

They guided us seamlessly through a meal that was like a banquet for the heart and soul. Feasting on such delights as joy, laughter, insight, understanding, awe, tenderness and love, we were so well fed and nourished that we continue to be sustained and supported by their spiritual nutrition months later (and I suspect its goodness will last for years!!)

Robin and Gill are a talented team who will take you on a “wonder”-full adventure of discovery and inner exploration. Just do yourself a favour and take up the opportunity to work and play with them. Your group, business or project will never look back!” Freya Sherlock, The Little School

…have a facilitator, Robin, absolutely at the top of his game.”

Matt Leach, CEO Local Trust

…and the training was just what we needed as a team – a chance to come together and develop a shared vision, as well as a safe space to explore and resolve tensions.” Adrian Voce, Director, Play England, NCB

…for fifteen years, and I can say with confidence that he is the most inspiring and effective facilitator that I have ever worked with.

The role of facilitator in achieving key decisions and supporting dialogue is only slowly dawning on organisations. The organisation I chair has grown successfully in a highly complex environment. One significant reason for our success is that we have drawn deeply on Robin’s skill and judgement to help us address complex issues and achieve broad agreement.

If you have the opportunity to work with Robin, I would suggest you take it without hesitation.” Paul Dickinson, Executive Chair, CDP

…facilitators I have worked with. Intuitive to the needs of the group and individuals. Flexible yet strong. Knowledgeable about processes. A kind and positive energy.”

Oliver Vanheel, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer